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REGON 366332715
NIP 595 132 43 77



Driven and engaging leader, with 16 years of experience in Digital Transformation. Certified Facilitator.

Managed software house (100 employees) and co-managed enterprise software houses (500-700 employees). Brings understanding of information technology and business.

Personality & work style:

  • Growth mindset: love to learn, not threatened by unfamiliar information

  • Productivity frameworks: agile software development, facilitation techniques

  • Respectful: communicates without violence, mind the differences in business cultures


  • International exposure - worked with norwegian, swedish, danish, british, french, german, swiss customers and partners

  • Information Technology - deep knowledge of IT industry and digital transformation (data, process, business model) of companies

  • 16 years in service companies - worked both in front-office and back-office as software developer, project manager, sales manager, country manager, marketing director, managing director, member of global management